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Your Garifuna Style Workout

About GarifunaRobics


The objective of GarifunaRobics is to infuse culture and fitness to today's society; showcasing the Garifuna culture through something almost anyone can relate to, which is a workout. The music that is being played during the class is strictly Garifuna, with different genres of Garifuna music such as, Punta, Punta Rock, Gunchey (Goon-Chay), Wanaragua (Wah-Nah-Ra-Gwah), Hungu Hungu (Hoon-Goo Hoon Goo) and Parranda (Pah-Ran-Da). The class is a mixture of dance and fitness, so that you get your ultimate workout, and also learn some new moves.  These classes are a barefooted experience, primarily because we want to stick to the traditions of our dances being done barefooted. You don't have to be a pro at what you are doing. You just have to be in it to win it, be prepared to burn some calories, and most importantly HAVE FUN! 

About the Garifuna culture

Garifuna Flag
YELLOW- Arawak Indian/ Liberation
WHITE- Purity/ Originality
BLACK- African Ancestory

The Garifuna (Gah-Ri-Fu-nah) culture is a  of Arawak Indian, and West African that was formed in the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. After vigorously fighting for our land, we were exiled in 1797, and arrived to the coasts of Honduras. From there, spread to Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, and the U.S.  Through all of this, the Garifuna people were able to keep their culture alive through their language, drums, dances, foods, and spirituality.

C.E.O/ Founder Arnol Guity Martinez


Arnol was born and raised in the Bronx, NY on July 25th. His parents Enriqueta Martinez, and Ciriaco Guity are both from Honduras, and migrated to the United States for a better living. They have always instilled te Garifuna culture and what is their traditions as much as they could to their family. Since little, Arnol has always been fascinated with the Garifuna culture, although he was born in the U.S.
At the age of 12, Arnol started his jouney as a Garifuna dancer, hungry to learn more about his culture and dances. He started off in a dance company called Hamalali Wayunagu (Voices of our Ancestors) [HAA-MAA-LA-LEE  WAH-U-NAA-GOO]. From there, he transited to another dance group (Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of NY), which his is presently in and holds 8+ years in the dance company. Aside from that, he has partnered up with different Garifuna Artist, and organizations to perform and help preserve the Garifuna culture.
In 2015, Arnol received the Garifuna Youth leadership award by the City Council of NY and New York State Senate for his outstanding contributions and work with the Garifuna Culture. Arnol is the creator of the "Garifuna style workout", fusing the Garifuna culture with fitness and finding a fun way to burn calories. 
Arnol aspires to keep striving to put the Garifuna culture on the map, and show the universe how beautiful and rich the Garifuna culture is. 

Brief explaination of what is GarifunaRobics & What is Garifuna.

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